Posted by: Merrilee | March 30, 2013

Galapagos Islands – Discovering Isla Santa Cruz

Galapagos Islands – Discovering Isla Santa Cruz

IMG_3732Many visitors to these volcanic islands immediately embark on a boat on arrival and cruise among the islands for several days to get up close and personal with the various animal species that live there.  Due to our time limitations, my friend and I spent our time staying in the charming port town of Puerto Ayora while exploring the beautiful island of Isla Santa Cruz, a large dormant volcano.

IMG_3761I enjoyed hanging out in the mornings at the waterfront fish market where the fishermen came in with their daily catch.  Sea lions and long-necked pelicans waited expectantly for the remnants of their catch.  Children frolicked in the water nearby.

It was fun cruising around the harbor by water taxi. Once we hired one for a couple of hours and got close to the rock walls where Blue-footed Boobys perched between nose-dives in the water going after fish, sea lions lazed, and brightly-colored crabs scurried.IMG_3965

IMG_3733Late afternoon each day in Puerto Ayora the town came alive when the locals played volleyball on the public courts along the waterfront.  It was always an interesting place for people-watching as many of the islanders gathered there to cheer them on.

IMG_3881We visited the humid highland area of the island.  The weekly outdoor, covered market in one of the highland villages was full of corn, beans, watermelons and other native grown products.  The prepared food section was bustling.  IMG_3889Selling in the market was a family affair, as I found most public markets in Ecuador to be, where children and young people worked alongside their parents.

IMG_3979One day I hiked to the lovely Las Grietas, a water-filled crevice in the rocks just outside of Puerto Ayora.  To get there I traversed a lovely beach and trekked over rocky terrain passing giant cactus. Fearless divers jumped from steep, rocky cliffs into the fresh water below.  Observers perched on opposite rocks.  Swimmers cooled off just out of range of this daring activity.

It was easy to spend several days lost in the beauty and activity of Isla Santa Cruz.IMG_3743IMG_3997



  1. Beautful photos Merrilee. You really take the reader with you…how great for us!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Glad you are enjoying my blog. See you soon back in Newport!


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